(M)Other Sea

A journey through the waters of the unconscious.

FieryWaves. Video creation. (2010).

The Spirit of the Unconscious. Book (2012).

The Door. Book. (2010).

The Crack. Artist Book. (2007).

The three versions of (M)Other Sea: the Artist’s book, the video creation and the small hardcover book.

The (M)Other Sea trilogy began in 2007 with a single Artist’s book: 80 x 50 x 5cm. After several years working on the Magma series (see here), where the emphasis was placed on matter and chance, I felt the need to create a work that could suggest an evolutionary process. A few years later, I decided to delve into this inner journey, creating two complementary projects. A video creation presented for the first time at the Collblanc Gallery in Castellón in May 2010, with a soundtrack from the renown musician and composer Tere Nuñez (https://www.xn--terenuez-i3a.com/) and a voiceover by Goya-winning actress Rosana Pastor (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosana_Pastor). The video won first prize ex-aequo in the Video creation category at the DONESenART First International Women and Cinema Festival (October 2011).

A printed hardcover book was then published in May 2012 by Manuscritos (Madrid), and was presented on the opening night of the TransOnírico exhibition at Rambleta Espai d’Art (Valencia).

Vandendorpe, June 2012


Images, script and direction: Mercedes Vandendorpe

Voice: Rosana Pastor

Recording, composition and arrangements: Teresa Nuñez

Production Director: Silvia Casanova

Mixes: Oscar Vinader y Carlos Rozas

Montage: Lucía Martínez

Realization: Xip Multimedia

(M)Other Sea, Vide. Link to YouTube.

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