Mercedes Vandendorpe

Mercedes Vandendorpe (1970) has a passion for symbolic images. She studied Visual Arts and Communications at the University of Ottawa (1992) and has developed both individual and collaborative artistic projects that unfold from an oneiric imaginary. She has also participated in other artists’ projects who addresses image from other angles, such as the problem of its veracity (Fontcuberta, Ximo Berenguer–2017). Her deep interest in both the world of dreams and its symbolic apparatus has led her to specialize in Jungian Theory at SIDPaJ (2021), an international society where she now teaches in the Art and Culture specialization. In addition, she has taught courses and workshops on symbolic thinking at different institutions like the IVAM Museum (2016), the Valencia High Conservatory of Music (2022) or the Research and Training Center in Depth Psychology (Zurich), where she was a guest speaker at the 54th Blockcourse (2022). Her most recent book The Imperceptible Beat of Images (2023), illustrated by the artist Carlos Maiques, is a poetic text that draws on her research on the unconscious.

Symbolic Thinking





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