I was born in Alma, in a small town located in Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean, (Quebec), from a Belgian-French father and a Spanish mother. I grew up in a situation of contrasts, with respect both to culture and nature. I was the first of my family to be born in Canada and trips between Europe and America were constant. These trips allowed me to open up to the world and its beauties. I am deeply moved by the landscapes of the Canadian winter, when even the waterfall remains silent, trapped between the ice. At the same time, I love the Mediterranean, its gentle climate and its fertile land that smells of orange blossoms. The eternally low skies of Northern Europe also speak to me… Growing up, these contrasts served me as coordinates. They insinuated themselves into my dreams, and I soon understood that a dream that took place in Canada evoked something very different from one in Spain, for the land itself became an essential figure with a secret tale.

This fascination with dream images and the creative work that sparked from them constituted the first part of my professional life. Since 2013, I felt the need to go further, so I have been working with images that spring from different places; many are from artists, others come from collective productions (myths, fairy tales, old alchemical texts, etcetera). In 2019, I completed my first Jungian training at SIDPaJ followed by another one in Zurich, that is ongoing. The specific lens of these teachings allows me a particular approach to the symbolic image, which stimulates both my mind and creative work. Slowly, I am combining my external and internal world, the analysis with the production, listening with saying…

Photo: Mercedes Herran

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