Drawing as a hotbed for ideas.

Dreams Map (2016). Colored pencils on 200gr Canson paper. Mapping the dreams through multiple cathegories.

Development of the 4 Mental Functions (2018). Pencil on Guarro paper.

Evolution of a Paradigm (2022). Animation. Pencil and collage on Canson paper.

Unfolding of the Self (2020). Pencil on Guarro paper.

Maps for thinking.

Maps are an essential element of my work, for they fulfill two main functions. On the one hand, I use them to organize and classify a polysemous material in continuous growth. This is the case for my Dreams Map. With its different rings, I can organize vast contents according to multiple categories, and this allows me to connect old and new dreams that share common elements (symbols, thematic areas, emotional ground, etc.). Since dreams are the reaction of the unconscious to various life situations, observing the evolution of dreams in their response to a given question allows me to witness the slow transformation of my own psyche.

On the other hand, my maps take the form of visual metaphors, which enable me to explore complex issues. In this case, the images serve as hotbeds for ideas.

Vandendorpe, April 2022

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